Art is all about emotion for me. Whatever the image I am painting, I have to go deep. Regardless of the subject……….whether it’s images from the past, the beautiful topography of this city or a vivid abstract, my need to bring the human element to my work and draw an emotional response from the viewer is vital. It’s been said that my paintings evoke that which is universal, yet personal.

The best part of painting for me aside from the actual process, is hearing people share with me the feelings they experience when they see my art, and knowing that when they purchase one of my paintings, that I become a part of their lives in a way no one else can. I have so many wonderful stories about how people come to own my art or happen upon it at a significant time in their lives. It’s remarkable.

I strive to express emotion in my work through the rapid manipulation of paint. The application and detraction of oils with knives creates extreme textures and variations in color. There is always a tug of war between realistic and abstract elements, and this conflict usually results in the background breaking up or challenging the foreground.

My role as an artist never leaves me….always present and searching for beauty in the world. Music and dance are two other creative interests and influences in my life. If you stop into my studio, you will always hear music and you may even find me dancing.

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